James Brown: The Music Box from Toccoa


Located in the mountains of northwest Georgia, Toccoa is home to a World War II paratrooping camp, Camp Toccoa on Currahee Mountain, as well as the place where James Brown and the Famous Flames originated. Many people say Brown’s origins are in Augusta but its Toccoa where he met Bobby Byrd and his musical career took off. This exhibit, James Brown: The Music Box from Toccoa, will look into the life of James Brown when he was in Toccoa, his influence in The Famous Flames and what Toccoa remembers of Brown.


Sarah Foreman


James Brown from Toccoa

Although James Brown called Augusta his hometown, it is Toccoa where his musical career truly began with The Famous Flames. With the help of Bobby Byrd and fellow band members, Brown began a new life in Toccoa.


If you would like to learn more about the Chitlin' Circuit in Georgia, read through the bibliography for helpful sources used in the exhibit.

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