The L. Moss Music Company: History and Legacy


Calhoun, Georgia is a small town full of musical heritage. The town, located in northwest Georgia, is a hub for string band music and holds the annual Georgia String Band Festival where people of all ages come to enjoy the rich heritage of the local music scene. In the world of string band music, Calhoun is special because of its musical roots from the L. Moss Music Company.

Founded in the 1910s, the L. Moss Music Company was a place where all the local musicians came to buy instruments, strings, sheet music and other items, including bicycles. At this time, record companies such as Brunswick and Victor began to record local musicians who later became famous. Some of these musicians included Calhoun’s Georgia Yellow Hammers as well as The Baxters.

Although music today evolved from these local old-time musicians, the legacy of the L. Moss Music Company is still remembered. The Company, which closed in the 1950s, was the home base for many string band musicians from northwest Georgia and put Calhoun on the map of popular country music. This exhibit will explain the rich history of the L. Moss Music Company and show its impact then and now.


Exhibit by Sarah Foreman


The History of the Company

Through the use of text and photographs, this section discusses the history of the L. Moss Music Company and the musicians that were associated with it. As you will see, this small town music company was more than just a music store but was the center of management of Phil Reeve.

The Impact of the Company Today

The Impact of the Company Today discusses the legacy the company left behind in the community and throughout the world through the music it inspired. Although the store is long gone, its mark on history is clearly seen in festivals and concerts.

What is Roots Music?

The Museum on Main Street traveling exhibit New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music portrays the evolution of America's music from its beginning. This exhibit talks about various genres of music including Sacred, String Band, Blues, Popular Music, and Native American. The exhibit, which will be in Georgia, April 2012 through October of 2013, has raised many questions to those who have seen it. In this section, Jane Powers Weldon discusses her view on Roots Music.

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